Getting to know a new addition! This is Venus.

Adonia Alpacas began in 1995 after a period of 2-3 years involvement in the industry. Adonia Alpacas was initially commenced as an investment but when there's a tough commercial decision to make about my animals, my VET tells me I'm not really a farmer - I just have lots of pets!

From our initial purchase of 1 female alpaca, we have focused on select breeding and herd management to hold our current small alpaca herd of 9 breeding females, 2 primary stud males and a range of other males.

Although we are a small alpaca hobby farm, we strive to always improve the quality of our alpaca herd by careful management and focus of select breeding and bloodlines. Through our all-natural and Alpaca friendly breeding program, we have dramatically improved our herd fleeces whilst still providing comfort and care for all our alpacas. We have also achieved some lovely ‘super-fine’ fleeces, in a range of beautiful colours.

We hope to gradually increase and improve our alpaca herd and provide a broader range of products and services to support new alpaca breeders and owners.

We are happy to share our enjoyment of this wonderful and growing industry with you.

To contact us please visit our contact page.