Adonia Alpaca Home Page

Adonia Alpacas offers you a glimpse of these lovely unique animals and the opportunity to share in our growing Australian Alpaca industry.

The Australian Alpaca industry has improved in many ways over the years as Alpacas are becoming more poplular. Breeders are developing more ways to improve the fleece quality and yield each year, and hobby farmers, retiring couples and families are seeing the benefits of buying a different type of pet, both for themselves and for the environment.

This Adonia Alpaca website provides industry information via our links page, as well as Alpacas for sale and Stud males for mating services. Please take a look and contact us if you would like any additional information. Alternatively, if you would like to come and see our alpacas, we would love to welcome you to our property which is bordering the lovely Yarra Valley in Victoria so please contact us to make an appointment.